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Arattu happens during March/April every year


Avanamcode Pooram happens in the Meenam month, which usually falls during March/April. The 10 days long Pooram Festival includes special tantric poojas led by chief temple priest, special poojas, kodiyettu, aaraattu, pooram, manakkal pooram, cultural programmes, etc. . Decades back, Pooram from Avanamcode temple used to join the famous Arattupuzha Pooram.

Pooram Kodiyettu


Pooram Festival begins with Kodiyettu, the hoisting of the holy flag. The ceremony of cutting an Areca Palm tree suitable for making a flagpole, taking it to the soil of the Devaswam in the south-east part of the village chanting the name of the goddess, and then taking it around the village, finally bringing it to the temple through the west gate is a very ancient ritual unique to this temple.  Once placed inside the temple, a member of the Avanamcode Carpenter family converts it into a flag pole. It is decorated with banyan tree leaves and mango tree leaves. Village folk will then bury it in front of the temple. After tantric pooja by the chief temple priest, the holy flag is hoisted which kicks off the Pooram Festival. In 2024, Kodiyettu happens on March 16.



Pooram happens on 21 March 2024. Pooram happens during both the afternoon and night. Pooram with the deity takes place during the night. Pooram in the afternoon takes place outside the temple walls. The Pooram in the night takes place inside the temple walls. There will be kombupattu, pandi melam, panchavadyam and elephant procession. Pooram ends with the ancient form of drumming known as parish kottu, which is also unique to this temple.


Manakkal Pooram falls on 24 March 2024. The visit by the deity to the Mootha Mana, custodians of the temple, is known as Manakkal Pooram. Special pooja takes place inside the Mana. Jaggery rice cake delicacy and ghee appam are nivedyams. This practice was restarted recently after it got stopped for decades.

Irakki Pooja_.jpg
Kodikkal Para_.jpg


Aaraattu falls on 25 March 2024. The Para offering in front of the holy flag is important. The deity bathes in the holy temple pond, and return to the sreekovil. After kodikkal para and the pooja, the flag is brought down signaling the end of the pooram festivities.

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