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Based on a mythical battle between the goddess Kali and the demon Darika, Mudiyettu is a ritual dance drama from Kerala. It is a local area custom wherein the whole town takes part. On a specific day, the villagers arrive at the temple early in the morning after the harvest of the summer crops. Mudiyettu performers purify themselves by fasting and praying, and then they use colored powders to draw a huge image of the goddess Kali, known as kalam, on the floor of the temple, where the goddess's spirit is invoked. This readies the ground for the vivacious authorization to follow, in which the heavenly sage Narada begs Shiva to contain the evil presence Darika, who is resistant to overcome by humans. Shiva rather orders that Darika will pass on because of the goddess Kali.


Mudiyettu is performed every year in 'Bhagavati Kavus', the sanctuaries of the goddess, in various towns along the waterways Chalakkudy Puzha, Periyar, and Moovattupuzha. Shared collaboration and aggregate cooperation of every station in the custom imparts and reinforces normal personality and common holding locally. Elders and senior performers are responsible for passing it on to younger generations, who serve as apprentices during the performance. Mudiyettu fills in as a significant social site for transmitting customary qualities, morals, moral codes, and tasteful standards of the local area to the future, guaranteeing its congruity and importance in present times.

At Avanamcode Saraswathi Temple, Mudiyettu is performed in front of the subsidiary temple, Ramanchira Bhadrakali Temple. Renowned Mudiyettu artist, Varanattu Shankara Narayana Kuruppu performs this ritualistic art form at the temple. It is performed every year during the Pooram Festival. Devotees can become a part of this ritual by offering this ritual in their name. 

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