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Avanamcode Saraswathi Temple

Adi Sankaracharyar began his journey into the world of knowledge from here. When he was a young boy, he visited this temple near to his birthplace, Kalady, with his mother and wrote the holy first letters "Harishree Ganapathaye Namaha" and "Saraswathi Namasthubhyam" on rice grains. Later, he visited the temple on his journey to other parts of India to establish Mutts.

Holy deities of Knowledge; Guru Dakshinamoorthy, Lord Ganesh and Goddess Saraswathi are present in this temple which makes it the holy university of knowledge. This is why Vidyarambham can be done here everyday. Inside the small cave under the mantap, next to the Simha Vahana sits Guru Dakshinamoorthy & Lord Ganesh facing Goddess Saraswathi. There is regular pooja for the Simha Vahana which is unique to this temple.

It was the Lord Parassurama who identified the divine presence of Saraswathi in the Swayambhu (self-revealing) Shila (stone) and established the Saraswathi Temple during his visit to Avanamcode. Hence, the temple became one of the 108 Durga temples established by Lord Parassurama. A light is placed above the mantap where it is believed Lord Parassurama sits and meditates.

Navu-Mani-Narayam (tongue-bell-traditional pen) offering is the unique offering which can be done only at this temple. It can be offered by any devotee and done especially by students and artistes; it's purpose is to acquire enhanced skills for orating, listening and writing.

Jaggery, Oil, Rice offerings; Jaggery and Ghee Payasam Nivedyam; Lotus Garland offerings are important offerings. Saraswath Ghee, an ayurvedic ghee enchanted by Saraswath Mantra is unique to this temple and is available around the calendar year. Saraswathi Pooja, Vidyavagheeshwari Pooja and Janma Nakshathra Pooja, important poojas for education, prosperity, and professional success can be booked in advance. Passport Pooja for success abroad can also be done here.

Navarathri, Basant Panchami, Pooram, Araattu, Karthika Lights and Prathishta Divas are important festive events. Kidangasseri Tharananellur Raman Namboothirippad is the temple Thanthri.

Dharmma Shastha Temple and Bhadrakali Temple are subsidiary temples located outside the temple walls and are collectively called the the Ramanchira Temple.


Kettunira is held at the Dharmma Shastha Temple during the Sabarimala Season. This is also the nearest temple to the Cochin International Airport which offer this service.

Mudiyettu is a traditional ritual theatre and folk dance drama recognized by UNESCO enacts the tale of a battle between the goddess Kali and the demon Darika. It is performed in front of the Goddess Bhadrakali at Ramanchira Temple.

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